Personal Development: First Draft Designs

Friday, April 5th 2013

I’ve put together a very rough draft of initial designs for my upcoming personal project. I’m a bit pressed for time writing this post, so here’s a copy of what I sent out to my Beta testers when I shared this mockup with them.

Hello Beta Testers!

Thank you for signing up to be a beta tester on my upcoming project, here’s what we’re trying to accomplish:

We’re building a community where you improve your life in scientifically-proven ways.

Attached to this email you’ll find a very rough first draft of one of the community’s pages. This mockup is of the “My Progress” page, where you’ll track improvement in a given aspect of your personal deveopment.

While I’m putting together a first version of this community, I’ve got one key question to ask you:

What tools do you need/want to use for your personal development?

Below I’ll list out the tools that I thought you might use, but I need your input. Which items on this list should I delete? Which items should be on this list, but aren’t?

Feed: aggregates what’s happening on the site, just like Facebook’s feed.
Learn: Structured materials that help you learn the science behind your personal development. This section will include video, written content, and exercises.
Discuss: Ask questions and/or post interesting articles about personal development.
Experiments: Run your own lifestyle experiment, and share your progress with members of the community.

What are your thoughts? What’s missing? What should be deleted? Or should I go back to the drawing board and start over? All thoughts are welcome!

Thank you for your help!