I M A K E W E B S I T E S .


I've got a passion for great design. I'm self-taught, and my designs focus on usability and conversion.


As a designer and a full-stack developer, I take projects from first mockups to finished products.


I've got a background in startup marketing, and put those skills to work in my own digital products and those of my clients.

Some of My Projects.

My Global Clients.

I work with clients all over the world. I build multi-lingual websites that are optimized for the subtleties of multi-lingual SEO, and take into account key cultural differences affecting user behavior. As I work through timezones and in multiple languages, and speak a few other languages myself, I'm happy to work with you wherever you are.

My Client Platform.

WP-Project Management is an open-source platform I designed and built with a friend. It's built on WordPress, and has a set of todo's and information pages, it's everything you need and nothing you don't. I use it with my clients to keep their experience issue-free, and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

I Love to Travel.


Bangkok & Chiang Mai, Thailand

In January of 2012 I got rid of everything I owned in Canada, and left to travel the world full-time. First stop, Bangkok. For two weeks I would walk for hours in a random direction each day, or get on/off a train or water taxi at random stops, and see what I could find. Two weeks later, I headed to Chiang Mai to enjoy the nature, and spent a few weeks exploring the mountains.

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