(Co)-Determination [v2]

Tuesday, May 5th 2020

I wrote awhile back about seeking Determination Models. I have more to learn on that (new resources welcome), but think I’ve learned a lot about it.

What I am more focused on learning now is co-determination models.

What I mean is: how to predict who will prioritize ‘we’ over ‘me’ — not just when doing so is easy, but when it’s hard.

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Friday, May 1st 2020

“It is better to be roughly right than precisely wrong.”
— John Maynard Keynes

To be logical and to be rational are not synonymous (at least not in any real-world, practical sense). Below is a rambling mix of lazily segway’ed quotes, which I’ve collected on why.


“…as a scientist who scientifically studies rationality in human reasoning…it is often surprising to me how little of the science of rationality advocates of rationality make use of…the idea that rationality is just the logical manipulation of propositions is something we should question…” — John Vervaeke, Awakening From the Meaning Crisis

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Expedition Behaviour and Reverse Pyramids ▾

Tuesday, December 3rd 2019

A Heads Up: this post is a hard-to-read jumble of thoughts. More a reference note to my future self, and/or a place where I can point friends to specific sections they may find helpful.’
(unattributed inline quotes are from Seeking Wisdom)

“We understand life backwards but live it forwards” — Kierkegaard

For the past few months I’ve been thinking on how to best think about leadership in startups…or more generally, leadership in any team-based situation where you can expect that ‘the going will get tough’. So I…


…read through The Elephant in the Brain to try and understand how and why people rationalize their behaviors. Specifically, rationalizing self-serving behaviors at the expense of group (global) well-being.

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